Visit Attorney Courtney Guillory For Mediation In Lafayette, LA

Visit Attorney Courtney Guillory For Mediation In Lafayette, LA

Court Isn't Your Only Option

Family law mediation is an alternative to resolving family matters in court. During mediation, a mediator will help both parties make their own decisions regarding famiy law issues, including asset division and custody matters. Turn to The Law Office of Courtney Hollier Guillory, LLC for mediation services in Lafayette, LA that will ensure both parties come to the best decisions!

Attorney Courtney Guillory is a qualified mediator in the state of Louisiana. As an attorney, she also has specific knowledge regarding Louisiana family law, including community property. She'll work hard to help you develop creative solutions to your family's issues.

You know your family best. If you do not want a judge to make decisions about your divorce, children or property, call 337-357-1322 today to talk to a qualified mediator in Lafayette about your issues. Attorney Courtney Guillory can help whether you're represented by an attorney or unrepresented.

The benefits of mediation

Divorce and separations are hard enough. For most families, going to court is even more draining emotionally and financially. Choose the mediation services of The Law Office of Courtney Hollier Guillory, LLC of Lafayette, LA to help you avoid the additional stress. As an alterative to litigation, mediation is:

  • Less formal: In court, there are limits to what evidence can be brought before the judge or hearing officer. In mediation, the parties can come in and speak freely to the mediator, without the limits of court procedure.
  • Less expensive: Parties can incur enormous court costs and attorney's fees in litigation. Mediation is charged hourly, and the parties can share in these costs.
  • Quicker: Trial preparation can take months. Mediations can be completed withi hours.
  • Confidential: Court hearings are recorded by a court reporter, and made public record. Other than the written agreement, everything that is said in a mediation is strictly confidential.

Attorney Courtney Guillory will help both parties come to an amicable resolution for their family law issue in Lafayette, LA. Get in touch with her now to find out if mediation is the best option for your case.